November 22, 2020


Where I’ve lived

I was born in Canada. Right now I live in Maryland, USA. Me and my family moved to California not long after Evan and I were born. We stayed there for about 4 years. It was awesome and there was a pool. We also had this really cool strawberry garden. After that we moved to Denmark. Denmark was one of the coolest places I ever lived. They had really fun parks and playgrounds. They had this really yummy food called Gifflar which were a little bit like cinnamon rolls. In their 7-11’s they had these really delicious cinnamon rolls that were super big. Then we moved here, to Maryland. Its nice here and we have a cool view in our house.

My favorite video games

In order, my favorite video games right now are:

  1. StarCraft II (Real Time Strategy)
  2. Sid Meier’s Civilization V (Turn Based Strategy)
  3. Godfall (Action/Role Playing)
  4. Among Us (Animated/ Murder Mystery)
  5. Terraria (Adventure/Sandbox)
  6. Solar 2 (Open World/Space)
  7. Stardew Valley (Adventure/ Role playing)
  8. Starbound (Adventure/ Space)
  9. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Turn Based Strategy)
  10. Minecraft (Sandbox)
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